Bouwfonds Investment Management

Focus on Real Assets

BOUWFONDS Investment Management (Bouwfonds IM) is the real asset investment management company of Rabo Real Estate Group. Through our non-listed funds, separate accounts or joint-ventures we offer distinctive investment expertise for institutional and private clients (Germany) in selected real estate, infrastructure and natural resources sectors.

Bouwfonds IM manages a portfolio with a total value of € 6.2 billion, distributed among the following sectors: commercial real estate (47%) and residential real estate (24%), communication infrastructure (12%), parking (11%), and agriculture (6%). Bouwfonds IM has local offices in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Romania and Poland.

Bouwfonds IM follows a transparent and standardized investment approach with an important role for research in each phase of the investment process. In-house support functions as legal, risk & compliance, operations and finance provide the necessary business support and checks and balances to ensure optimal compliance with financial, reporting, legal and regulatory internal and external (AIFMD) standards and requirements. Bouwfonds IM is signatory of the UNPRI and member of GRESB.

Bouwfonds Investment Management
De Beek 18, 3871 MS Hoevelaken,
the Netherlands
P.O. Box 15, 3870 DA Hoevelaken,
the Netherlands

+31 (0)33 750 47 50

Jaap Gillis

Arie Willem Rozendaal

Martin Eberhardt
Country Manager Germany

Anthony Gijsbers
Managing Director Commercial Real Estate

Michiel Dubois
Managing Director Residential Real Estate ­

Bart Pierik
Managing Director Parking