TriGranit is one of the largest fully integrated, privately owned, real estate platforms in Central Europe, focusing primarily on quality Class ‘A’ office buildings and retail schemes in strategic urban locations. TriGranit manages a full spectrum of real estate activities including investment, acquisition, development, construction, as well as property and asset management. In its two decades of operation, TriGranit developed nearly 50 landmark projects creating 1 million square meters of GLA in 7 CEE countries and won more than 40 highly prestigious international awards.

In 2015, TPG Real Estate, the real estate platform of TPG, one of the top global private investment firms, gained sole ownership in the company. With the transaction and by additional capital injection of TPG, the parties aim to create the leading retail and office platform in Central Europe. The company’s primary focus is on Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, the countries with the best economic forecasts in the region. With offices in Budapest, Warsaw, Krakow and Bratislava, the TriGranit team of highly talented real-estate professionals with deep local expertise works daily on providing the possible best solutions for their clients and partners throughout Central Europe. Sustainability is a fundamental element in TriGranit’s core strategy – all TriGranit office building complexes have gained the BREEAM or LEED quality standards.

1132 Budapest
Váci út 30 Hungary

Árpád Török MRICS
Member of the Board Chief Executive Officer, TriGranit

Tomasz Lisiecki
Member of the Board Chief Investment Officer, TriGranit

Gyula Ágházi
Member of the Board Chief Operations Officer, TriGranit

Michael Abel
Managing Director,
TPG Real Estate

Anand Tejani
Chairman of the Board Partner, TPG Real Estate