Union Investment Real Estate

A leading European real estate investment manager

Union Investment is a leading international investment manager specializing in open-ended real estate funds for private and institutional investors. Union Investment has assets under management of some 27.8 billion EUR in 20 real estate funds. The portfolio of Union Investment’s open-ended real estate funds comprise some 390 properties and projects in Europe, the Americas and Asia. The company operates today in 24 countries around the world, with approximately 60% of property assets located in countries outside the domestic market.
Union Investment is increasingly leveraging opportunities that arise from different property cycles around the world. To spread risk and enhance performance, the company has a strict policy of investing in a mix of uses, regions and property sizes. Investments in city-centre office space are the mainstay of the company’s investment strategy. In addition, Union Investment is investing in logistics properties, shopping centres and business hotels in selected locations that offer the prospect of attractive returns over the medium and long term. The company’s hotel portfolio consists of 45 properties and projects with a current market value of some € 2.5bn. Some € 7.0bn is invested in 45 shopping centres in Europe.

Union Investment
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Dr. Reinhard Kutscher
Chairman of the Management Board

Dr. Frank Billand
Member of the Management Board

Martin Brühl
Member of the Management Board

Philip La Pierre
Head of Investment Management Europe

Henrike Waldburg
Head of Investment Management Shopping Center

Andreas Löcher
Head of Investment Management Hotel