Tross, drs. S. (Stephen) RA| Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors


La Guardiaweg 4
1043 DG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 20 677 1785

Chief Investment Officer International Investments        

Postbus 56045
1040 AA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 20 677 1600

Professionals working for this organisation

Jochims, S.F. (Bas)
Director Dutch Office & Hotel Investments
Hal, D.J. (Dick) van
Chief Executive Officer
Spaandonk, A. (Allard) van
Chief Investment Officer Dutch Investments
Huizer, K. (Karen)
Director Client Management
Koot, R.A. (Robert)
Portfolio Manager Europe/North-America
Theuvenet, G.H. (George)
senior Client manager Funds
Edzes, T.M. (Tjarko)
Director Asia-Pacific Investments                                
Plantinga, G.A.J. (Gijs)
Director Northern American Investments                       
Bosma, M. (Marleen )
Head of Research & Strategic Advisory
Berghuis, Fjt (Friso)
Director Listed Investments
Landkroon, J.T. (Jaap)
Client Manager Funds
Massier , L. (Leender)
Portfolio Manager Listed Investments