C.E.N.M. (Christa) Thijssen| Holland Property Plaza


Brugakker 6527
3704 RK Zeist
The Netherlands

+31 30 699 1863

+31 6 22215812


Director Founder and Owner

Postbus 499
3700 AL Zeist
The Netherlands

+31 30 699 1863

Christa Thijssen, has been active in the property and construction sector with Thijssen-PR since 1988. She is the founder and director of Holland Property Plaza (HPP). HPP, founded in 2007, is an international real estate network concept with an annual stand at the Expo Real in Munich. Over the years HPP specialised in promoting cooperation and the exchange of knowledge in Europe. Starting the HPP community in 2013 constituted a new step towards a European network. Residing under the HPP community umbrella are the member platforms HPP-IREIN (Int. Real Estate Investors), HPP-REDA (Developers & Advisers), Public, SME, HPBike and the Dutch Property Association (NVA) . Christa Thijssen passionately pursues the exchange of information and cooperation in the European construction and property sector. As chairwoman NVA and the Association GSVB she is daily involved with the sector.

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