Roels, F. (Françoise)| Cofinimmo


Boulevard de la Woluwe 58

+32 2 373 00 00

Chief Corporate Affairs & Secretary General

+32 2 373 00 00

Françoise Roels is responsible for the Legal & Compliance, Tax, HR, CSR & Innovation and Information Management teams. She is in charge of the Secretary General of the Company. Besides that, she is responsible for the shareholders relations in the context of general meetings and for the interactions with the Belgian financial control authorities. Before joining Cofinimmo in 2004, Françoise Roels worked for Loyens, Euroclear / JP Morgan and the Belgacom Group. She was responsible for fiscal matters, Corporate Governance and the legal management of subsidiaries. She obtained a Law Degree and a degree (candidate) in Philosophy (RUG, State University Ghent 1984) and a Tax Degree (E.S.S.F. Brussels Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Fiscales 1986).

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