S. (Sebastian) Sommer| NEINVER

Real Estate Investment Manager

Francisca Delgado, 11 – 5th floor
MADRID 28108 A

Business Development Director Europe

+34 914 90 22 00


Sebastian Sommer is Business Development Director Europe and Country Head Germany at NEINVER. He is responsible for the strategic direction and execution of NEINVER’s new business developments and acquisitions across Europe, leading the expansion strategy of the company. Sommer joined NEINVER in 2010 as Country Head for Germany, a position that he still holds, responsible for the development and expansion of the different areas of the company in the German market. Before working at NEINVER, Sommer worked at companies such as Warnaco Europe Calvin Klein Underwear & Jeans, Hugo Boss and Nike. Sommer graduated in Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences of Munich, where he majored in Marketing and Business Management.

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