Baumgartinger, W. (Wolfgang)| METRO PROPERTIES

Real Estate Manager

+49 211 68864091

Director Transactions

Am Albertussee 1
Düsseldorf 40549

+49 211 68864191

Wolfgang Baumgartinger is the Corporate Director Transactions and member of the Extended Board of METRO PROPERTIES, a real estate subsidiary of METRO GROUP. Mr. Baumgartinger joined METRO GROUP in 2004 to implement and lead overall the strategic expansion for METRO’s Cash & Carry sales lines across 29 countries in Europe and Asia. Transferring to METRO’s real estate subsidiary in 2009, he took over a key role in the group’s major asset management restructuring process. At the same time, Mr. Baumgartinger was assigned METRO GROUP’s overall transactions business. His track record includes large asset and portfolio transactions, sale and lease back and several special fund divestments. Earlier in his professional career, Mr. Baumgartinger was licensed as real estate broker in Austria and Canada. He later worked 10 years for McDonald’s expansion, leaving the company as their Real Estate Director Europe in 2014.

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