Jochims, S.F. (Bas) MSc| Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors


La Guardiaweg 4
1043 DG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 20 677 1614

Director Dutch Office & Hotel Investments

Postbus 56045
1040 AA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 20 677 1600

Professionals working for this organisation

Plantinga, G.A.J. (Gijs)
Director Northern American Investments                       
Spaandonk, A. (Allard) van
Chief Investment Officer Dutch Investments
Hal, D.J. (Dick) van
Chief Executive Officer
Berghuis, Fjt (Friso)
Director Listed Investments
Massier , L. (Leender)
Portfolio Manager Listed Investments
Koot, R.A. (Robert)
Portfolio Manager Europe/North-America
Tross, S. (Stephen)
Chief Investment Officer International Investments        
Edzes, T.M. (Tjarko)
Director Asia-Pacific Investments                                
Bosma, M. (Marleen )
Head of Research & Strategic Advisory
Huizer, K. (Karen)
Director Client Management
Theuvenet, G.H. (George)
senior Client manager Funds
Landkroon, J.T. (Jaap)
Client Manager Funds