Francisca Delgado, 11 – 5th floor
MADRID 28108 A

+34 914 90 22 00

NEINVER is a Spanish multinational company specialised in managing, developing and investing in commercial and logistics properties.

 The leading manager of outlet centres in Spain and Poland, and the second largest in Europe, it has two proprietary brands: The Style Outlets and FACTORY.

 Founded in 1969, NEINVER manages 18 outlet centres and 5 retail parks including active pipeline and more than 800 brands in six European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands.

 The NEINVER Group is the only company in the industry in Europe that has earned sustainability certification for all the outlet centres it operates.

Professionals working for this organisation

S. (Sebastian) Sommer
Marketing & Retail Director
B. (Barbara) Somogyiova
Leasing Director Europe

B. (Bozena) Gierszewska
Asset Management Director Central Europe
E. (Eduardo) Ceballos
Asset Management Director Souther Europe