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Founded in 1983, Cofinimmo is today the foremost listed Belgian real estate companyspecialising in rental property and an important player in the European market.

The company owns a diversified property portfolio spread over Belgium, France, theNetherlands and Germany, worth 3.5 billion EUR, representing a total surface area of over1,838,000 m². Riding on demographic trends, its main investment segments are healthcare properties (45 %), offices (38 %) and distribution networks (17 %). As an independentcompany that consistently applies the highest corporate governance and sustainability standards, Cofinimmo services its tenants and manages its properties through its team of over130 people, operating from Brussels, Paris and Breda.

Cofinimmo is listed on Euronext Brussels (BEL 20) and benefits from the fiscal REIT regime in Belgium (RREC), in France (SIIC) and in the Netherlands (FBI). Its activities are controlledby the Financial Services and Markets Authority,the Belgian regulator. At 31.12.2017, its total market capitalisation stands at 2.3 billion EUR. The company pursuesinvestment policies which seek to offer a high dividend yield and capital protection over the long term, targeting both institutional and private investors.

Professionals working for this organisation

J. (Jacques) van Rijckevorsel
Chairman of the Board